Rio de Mouro Water Heater Assistance

Rio de Mouro Water Heater Technical Assistance 24 Hours

Rio de Mouro Water Heater Assistance. We are Tecnilar, founded in 2005, we provide 24-hour Assistance services at home with highly qualifiedcertified technicians.
We work with all types of water heaters.
We have technical support and online support in a 24-hour format, you can contact us through our chat or with the technical assistance department.


Call 931150000

24-Hour Line:

(+351) 936408200


Don’t run out of hot water, We’ll solve it on the day…

Rio de Mouro Water Heater Assistance

Rio de Mouro Water Heater Repair Company

A broken heater always takes you by surprise and there is nothing worse than running out of hot water. That’s why we make sure we are always prepared and available to visit your home and put your heater into operation.
We have a team of accredited professionals who are available to come to your home at any time of the day or night. Decades of experience ensure that there is no problem that we cannot solve at a fair price.

Some of the most frequent problems:

  • Connecting difficulties and/or takes a long time to connect;
  • No hot water;
  • Error code;
  • Turns off suddenly;
  • Water leak;
  • There is no explosion, despite audible start-up attempts;
  • Weak flame or in a different color (red, yellow…).

In the vast majority of cases, we can repair your heater in a single visit. On the rare occasion, when additional parts are needed, we will do our best to provide a short-term solution so you can stay comfortable at home in the meantime.

We have extensive experience in dealing with all types of water heaters. Regardless of how old or new it is, we will find the right solution quickly and efficiently.

No matter what time of day your heater breaks down, you can count on Tecnilar’s help.

Rio de Mouro Water heater Technician

With years of experience and practice, our heaters repair technicians are certificated. Your safety is extremely important to us, which is why we only employ technicians who have been rigorously evaluated and approved.

Call +351 936 408 200 if you need emergency heater repair. 

Tecnilar’s team operates in Rio de Mouro. Our Technicians will arrive in a fully identified van with a previous phone call, to warn you that we’re arriving. 

There is no water heater that we cannot repair. We work with brands such as Vaillant, Vulcano, Junkers, Immergas, Fagor, Indesa, Beretta and many others.

During the process, feel free to ask anything or clarify any doubt. We’re here to help. 

Rio de Mouro Water Heater Repair

Rio de Mouro Water Heaters Repair 24 Hours

Certified Technicians 24 Hours

We advise all our customers to carry out the maintenance of their heaters annually. It is important that you maintain your appliance, even if it is in full working order. With this intervention, we will not only prevent breakdowns, but also increase the durability and efficiency of the equipment and of course avoid more significant costs.

At Tecnilar you will find professionals who will help you. Among other procedures, we highlight the general cleaning, limescale removal from the serpentine and a general check of the heat system.

Rio de Mouro water Heaters Sale

Immergas Assistance

Tecnilar sells water heaters and installs them on the same day.  If your equipment is old and you think it’s time to replace it, know that we have heaters in stock from all Immergas models for immediate delivery and installation. We are representatives of the Immergas brand – one of the largest manufacturers in terms of boilers/heaters in Europe.

The heaters installed by BricoVitor are guaranteed for up to 2 years and include 24-hour assistance.

We have the best equipments at the best prices.  We sell and install all types of Boilers and Heaters, Heat Pumps and Solar Panels.

Contact us, we ensure a high quality costumer service.

Call 931150000

24H Rio de Mouro Water Heater Technician

Rio de Mouro Water Heater Installation

Before buying a water heater, you need to know what type of gas is available in your house, take into account the size of your home, the number of people who inhabit it and what your need for hot water is. WATCH OUT – If you do not choose a water heater that is suitable for your type of gas, you will not even be able to install it.

Types of gas

There are three types of gas:

  • Propane;
  • Butane;
  • Natural.
Gas Outlet Types

There are three types of exhaust on water heaters (suitable for different conditions): WATCH OUT – you should pay attention to the space where you will place your water heater and the atmospheric conditions in that same place.

  • Atmospheric: if you have the conditions for optimal air circulation;
  • Watertight: indicated for places with less favorable gas outlet conditions. They usually come with a fan that brings in air from the outside and forces the expulsion of burnt gases;
  • Ventilated: suitable for places with poor conditions for the ideal output of combustion gases. Water heaters with this type of exhaust have a built-in fan that will allow combustion gases to be expelled.
Ignition Type

Consider the three systems available for water heaters: WATCH OUT – This feature is very important when it comes to the safety and operability of your appliance.

  • Manual: involves using a match and/or lighter (not the safest). In addition, whenever you want hot water, you must first turn on the water heater manually;
  • Automatic: works with an automatic battery. As it has an automatic mechanism, it is more practical and also safer;
  • Hydrogenerator: this type of equipment works through a water turbine that generates energy through pressure. It is safer, more practical and ecological.
Multi Brand Water Heater Assistance

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Rio de Mouro Technical Assistance 24 Hours

  • I live in Rio de Mouro, what is the contact for emergencies?

Our 24H hotline – 936 408 200 is available every day of the year, day and night, so that in emergency situations you can contact us at Rio de Mouro. Additionally, you can use our email address – and/or our online chat.

  • How long can an appointment for water heater service in Rio de Mouro take?

If you are in Rio de Mouro, know that on the same day we can send a technician to check your water heater. Our teams are able to solve your water heater problem quickly.

  • What is the reference price for servicing water heaters in Rio de Mouro? 

The assistance values in Rio de Mouro can be around €70 and €130 (may change depending on the time/day of the desired appointment as well as parts that may be needed).

  • I live in Rio de Mouro, do you repair the water heater on the same day?

Yes. Our vans are already equipped with various materials and parts. However, obviously we don’t carry all the parts of all the brands that exist in the market. Therefore, some may be subject to confirmation from our warehouse and/or suppliers. We work in the Rio de Mouro.

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